Recumbent Ankle Throw (right and left)


Right punch

Right outside block

STANFORD WARRIORS : Right outside block to right punch to face, move out to left. Left hand to floor, turn and sit, protect from kick with right knee, then left hand to ankle, place left foot around opponents ankle and push to inside of left knee with right foot for throw, keep the lock on. Turn and right kick to groin, roll away to escape coming up into stance facing opponent.

Outside block with right hand the right arm punch.Vt

Keep hold of arm.

Step forward to be alongside A.

Side break fall so that at the end of the fall, your right foot (the leg on the floor) is behind the A rear (left) foot.

Put your left foot just below their nearest knee (right?) and push with foot. Pull in with your other foot.

A will fall away from you.

Once A is down, turn over, kick down to groin then roll out.