Straight Arm Lock


Right uppercut

Left downward block

STANFORD WARRIORS : Left downward block to right uppercut as right side moves back, right hand takes at wrist, show left blocking possible punch. Encircle arm just above elbow with left arm, turn body, left hand now takes own lapel to apply lock above elbow, palm of hand uppermost. Foot movement should be minimal.

For A right arm upper cut, downward block left arm.

With right hand, grab on top of A wrist.

With your left arm still on top of A arm and still holding top of wrist, pull A wrist/arm through.

Keep left arm angled up (diagonal) whilst doing this, to be ready to block a punch if need be.

Left arm should now be touching/close to A shoulder.

Wrap left arm under A’s arm and grab own lapel/shirt etc.

Apply pressure on A wrist will put the arm in a lock.