Front Strangle 3



STANFORD WARRIORS : Step in right to protect groin, left hand protects face, right punch to uke solar plexus then right uppercut to chin. Right hand through to take uke’s right off, thumb into thumb web, turn to finish standing with wrist and shoulder lock, head on knee, hand across back of neck/head, right knee strike to head to finish.

Right arm punch in the chest, then up through the chin forcing attackers head up. 

Bring same arm (right) on own left shoulder and grab the A wrist (right). 

Using left arm, apply pressure up and to right on A elbow (the arm being held). 

Twist wrist clockwise and take quarter turn to outside of A

With wrist held high and left arm applying pressure on elbow, crash own elbow into A shoulder. 

This will force A down. Raise wrist to increase pain.