Rear Strangle 1



STANFORD WARRIORS : Step back and left, left hand up to protect face as right backhand strike to groin, left hand takes right bicep, right around back for open-handed kidney strike, emphasise, perform body drop throw. Finish push/kick opponent onto side, kneel on head and kidney, patella arm break arm figure 4 arm lock, look around for further attack. 

Hold attackers left hand on neck.  Step left and backwards to be alongside attacker (A).  Look right to see who it is.  If an A (not friend!) hit groin.  Place right arm around A back / waist to grab belt.   Left arm up to grab A right shoulder clothes.  Place right leg across A and in front of their right leg, to the outside of their foot.  Your back of leg should be touching their thigh.  Roll A over hip to throw to floor and in front.  Keep hold of arm.  Kick to roll A onto side If need be. Punch face then swing same arm back to hit groin.  Put right knee in ribs.  Left knee in neck.  Bend wrist for first arm lock.  Straighten A arm with elbow on your knee.  Further pressure on the A wrist/hand will put lock on arm / elbow.  Then fold down over your arm to form fig-4 lock.  Grab your own clothing tight.   Lifting / standing up a little will raise arm and tighten the lock.