Hip Throw (right, left, around head)


Right punch

Left swan block

Left Swan block to right punch, pull down and forward as left leg steps out to right, right arm ready to block. Turn in to the right, hip close to the opponent, right open-handed strike to kidney as feet close together, knees bend and lift on right hip, turn left to throw. Finish with patella arm break and figure 4 arm lock. Look around for possible further attack

Throws require lots of body contact to perform effectively (and at all). You will either grab belt or round neck. For a neck throw, your arm will need to go all the way round A neck and then grab own lapel. With front hand, grab lapel, shoulder. Once grabbed, feet together and bend knees slightly. You will need to have your right leg in front of A’s and touching. Therefore will be standing in front of or further to the right prior to flying. Then pull in tight for max body contact. By extending legs, can lift A and can then be thrown over hip/neck. Will be able to turn round to throw A wherever desired. Swing them round as thrown to land laid out in front of you. This will enable you to remain in control, kneel on, add arm lock.